About Us

Wisdom Infinity Sdn. Bhd. (previously known as Sparkle Wisdom Sdn. Bhd.) a company incorporated in Malaysia on 29 th June 2009 with its business address at No. 8, Jalan Tiara 5, Bandar baru Klang, 41150 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

The company’s core businesses are properties development and project management consultancy services. At its maiden beginning and a start up capital of RM 500,000.00, Wisdom Infinity developed a piece of land on lot 6530, Jalan Sungai Batu 8, Jalan Sungai Puloh, Batu 6, Mukim Kapar, Klang into 18 units of 3-storey semi-d factory. The total gross development was RM 43,000,000.00 and was completed on December 2011.

The current projects undertaken by the company are 2 industrial developments namely Wisdom 8 Industrial Park. Kapar and Wisdom 30 Industrial Park, Kapar. The total gross development value estimated for both these developments is RM 82,000,000.00.

The company is committed to hand over buildings with high standard, quality finishes and timely delivery. Its management team is dedicated to ensure customer’s satisfaction after delivery of the building.
Mission & Vision

"The Wisdom Infinity Promise: WISDOM is committed to property owners or investors to enjoy asset appreciation and resale value. It’s quality Workmanship, Innovative design, exemplary Services provided, timely completion and Delivery is the ultimate Obligation from our Management."

Our vision is to be one of the dominant Property Developer around.